When it comes to quality, Nose Rings businesses must adhere to higher standards. Due to its unique cultural and commercial value, body modifications like piercings remained resilient even against criticisms and negative reactions. To ensure its continued profitability, businesses dealing with body piercings and jewelry must equate quality excellence with reliable safety. High quality body jewelry can be measured in three different aspects which include materials used, form factor (shape) and fashion style (aesthetic). Materials in this type of jewelry are very important. The value of materials usually does not depend on monetary worth but on specific qualities that make it suitable for use in body piercing jewelry. Body modification, no matter how small, can always accompany risks and due to this, jewelry to be use must be made from metals with high biocompatibility. Biocompatible metals are valuable in black hole body piercing jewelry because they do not react or get rejected by the body. Metals that are often use in body jewelry due to their high biocompatibility are nickel-free gold and platinum, titanium, 316L stainless steel, cobalt chrome, among others. Low quality body jewelry usually made with materials containing high amounts of nickel, lead or carbon can result to negative reactions to the body like allergies or metal poisoning.
About us | Blue Sky Media - feature film distribution in Central & Eastern Europe

About the Company

Blue Sky Media was founded in 2005, and has grown to become one of the leading companies specializing in  acquiring and distributing studio level and independent feature films in Central and Eastern Europe.  The company has a catalogue of more than 200 films, produced within the past five years, featuring A-list cast and directors, and partners with the leading companies in the region to distribute titles theatrically, on television, through home entertainment, and emerging digital platforms.


With its European office located in Prague, Czech Republic, Blue Sky Media is able to quickly and efficiently service our clients with HD materials, artwork, and other materials.  The company employs a dedicated staff with expertise in all aspects of distributing, marketing and servicing regional partners and clients, and participating in all major television and film markets.